More than a celebrity

A rolemodel

Tyrone otherwise known as TZ is a songwriter, vocalist & author. Born in the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. He accredits his love for music by being born and raised in the Caribbean. However, his favorite genre didn't come from the Caribbean. It came from America, Hip-Hop.

With over 10 years of experience in music and literature. His first book was met with regional success & he is currently working on his second. But music has always been in his life and his favorite pass time.

As an adolescent, he was a part of various music groups. And frequently collaborated with rising talents on his island. His rap style was punchline heavy which attempts to impress the listener with humor,  similes and metaphors. After releasing multiple hip-hop projects, his music began to expand.

Currently working with producers from Africa. He has been able to evolve from a rap artist to singer. His single "Caged bird" garnered regional success. But he is now gearing up for international success.